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GIAS2017 Post-show Report

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Held from April 7th to 9th at Guangzhou International Sourcing Center,  the 3rd Guangzhou International Aquarium Show 2017 (GIAS2017) drew to a successful close last week.  A Rich Variety of Exhibits

Held from April 7th to 9th at Guangzhou International Sourcing Center,  the 3rd Guangzhou International Aquarium Show 2017 (GIAS2017) drew to a successful close last week. 

A Rich Variety of Exhibits

Covering an exhibition area of over 30,000 square meters, about 250 exhibitors gathered in Guangzhou for GIAS2017, setting a new record. Among these exhibitors, about 60% aquarium products suppliers, 30% are specializing in breeding turtles, 8% are engaging in keeping reptiles, 8% are ornamental fish breeders. Exhibited products range from ornamental fishes, fish feeds, fish nutrition, fish tanks, water pumps, air pumps, filters, aquarium equipment, aquarium accessories, aquarium lighting to turtles, snakes, lizards, etc. And our survey shows that over 80% of the exhibitors are satisfied with the expo and would be willing to join again next year. 

A Great Gathering for International Buyers

During the three-day exhibition period, we received 30,000 visitors, including 10,000 professional buyers from over 35 countries and regions, such as the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, India, Thailand, Japan, Nigeria, Spain, Tunisia, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, South Africa, Reunion Island, Hongkong, Taiwan, Mainland China and so forth. These buyers were here for products like aquarium fishes, aquariums, accessories, filters, pumps, lighting, equipment, turtles, etc. And most of them are happy about what the show offers. 

The 1st Guangzhou International Reptile & Turtle Forum Held Successfully

More turtle breeders were attracted to GIAS2017 this year than the last year. As the first organized reptile and turtle expo in Mainland China, a large number of reptile and turtle fans gathered at GIAS2017 to have a glance at these fantastic creatures. And the organizing committee had the honor to have distinguished speakers from the reptile and turtle industry to communicate their ideas on this industry to reptile and turtle fans at site. 

Mr. Gu Boxian, vice secretary of Chinese Turtle Association, spoke highly of the promising future of China’s reptile and turtle industry from the social economy perspective. Mr. Zhu Tong, an experienced reptile expert, shared his views of how the practitioners, associations, media and exhibitions should pull together to support and improve the industry. And Mr. Matthew, a turtle specialist from the US, shared his perspectives on international turtle market. 

Audience at site spoke highly of the forum and viewed it as a great opportunity for reptile and turtle fans to learn from experts and exchange ideas with other hobbyists. 

Great Media Coverage

As one of the most expected and influential aquarium shows in South China, GIAS2017 enjoyed great media coverage during the three-day show period. Yangcheng Evening News, a widely known newspaper and website in China with a large number of audience, kept the readers well informed of what was happening at the event. Besides, media like Chinese Betta Association, Chinese Koi Association, Once, Turtle, Malaysian Guppy Promotion Association, Philippines Guppy Club, etc, also posted reports before, during and after the show. 

GIAS2017 has been a great success and received great reputation among

both exhibitors and visitors. If you are interested in GIAS2018, please follow our website or Facebook for the latest updates. Or you could register to be our exhibitors or visitors on our website.


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