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Report on China Guppy show,March 18-20,2016

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  下文来源:孔雀鱼网   Report on China Guppy show March 18-20,2016 作者:Alan S. Bias 翻译:雪月   China Guppy Club Show March 18-20,2016 Guangzhou China; 1ST China-




Report on China Guppy show

March 18-20,2016

作者:Alan S. Bias 翻译:雪月


China Guppy Club Show

March 18-20,2016 Guangzhou China;

1ST China-America Global Contest







Alan S. Bias(USA), Wang Zuo Wei"Wind"(CAHINA),Frank Chang(USA), Eddie Lee(TAIWAN), Huang Rong(CHINA), Tsen hwang-jei(TAIWAN),   Anshin Lu(TAIWAN)


After what seemed like months of preparation fellow IFGAmember Carl Groenewegen and myself set off on our two week tour of China andTaiwan.  The trip to Guangzhou, China itself comprised over 40 hours ofdriving, flights and layovers.  The return trip would be nearly 50 hoursfrom Taipei, Taiwan.  Upon arrival in Guangzhou, China, we were greeted atthe airport by my friend and president of the China Guppy Club Wang Zuowei.  Better known to most Guppy breeders around the world as “Wind Wang”.


在做了几个月的准备后,我和卡尔(IFGA成员)开始为期两周的中国大陆、台湾之行。到广州的路途包括了四十多小时的自驾、飞机和中途停留,从台北开始的返程则用了近五十小时。到达广州后,我的朋友--中国孔雀鱼俱乐部主席王作为亲自到机场迎接我们,国外的大部分孔雀鱼饲养者可能更熟悉他的英文名字Wind Wang.


The next two days were comprised of a world-wind of toursto include YiDing Aquarium Factory and the world’s largest Aquarium FishWholesale and Retail Market.  YiDing produces over 100,000 handmade tanksin a multitude of configurations each year.  Many of which are seamlessglass fronts, utilizing a heated process to bend the glass.  The live fishmarket covered many blocks and housed literally hundreds of vendors andshops.  The sheer volume of fish numbers and species in itself wasstaggering.  The overall state of health of the fish and reptiles leavesmuch to be desired when compared to what the average American is used to seeingin retail outlets.




At the conclusion of each visit owners would treat us toa sit-down with their favorite varieties of hot tea.  At midday a largemeal and at the end of each day a dinner consisting of 10-15 dishes of localcuisine.  Over the course of a week we rarely had the same dish twice.




Fellow IFGA breeder and judge Frank Chang, who had leftthe States a week earlier to visit family in Beijing, China, joined us inGuangzhou the day before start of the show.  Thus, comprisingInternational Fancy Guppy Association (IFGA) members in attendance as CarlGroenewegen (OH), Frank Chang (CA) and Alan S. Bias (WV).  The show itselfbeing supported by entries from IFGA members:  Simeon Bonev (MI), Dr. JohnFlack (IL), Joe Mason (FL), Gary & Tim Mousseau (MI), Carl Groenewegen(OH), Frank Chang (CA) and Alan S. Bias (WV). 

IFGA成员和裁判弗兰克在比赛前一天到来。因此这次到场的IFGA成员有Carl(俄亥俄州)、Frank(加州)、Alan(西佛吉尼亚州)。比赛同时得到IFGA其他成员支持,并送鱼参赛,他们是: Simeon Bonev (密歇根州), Dr. John Flack (伊利诺州), Joe Mason (弗罗里达州), Gary & TimMousseau (密歇根州), Carl Groenewegen (俄亥俄州), Frank Chang (加州) and Alan S. Bias (西佛吉尼亚州)



The China Guppy Club  show (an IFGA member club) washeld in conjunction with the GIAS Aquatic Expo.  The size of thefacilities were immense to say the least.  During the course of events Iwas informed that this event is actually the smaller of two held yearly. With the larger being housed next door in a much large venue utilizing 4-5 fivestories.  Show tanks were both individually lit and additionally frombuilding overhead lighting.  Along with the Guppy Show,  a Betta andSkate / Ray shows were also held.  Additional to this were large eventsfor turtles, snake, reptiles and spiders.  Numerous displays of AsianArowana and Koi were also present.




One of the more frequent comments from attendees of the17th World Guppy Contest held 2014 in Tianjin, China was the age of thoseattending the show.  I found little different at this event with the vastmajority being in their 20's and 30's.  Interest in breeding guppies hasnever been greater.



The show itself was to be judged under World GuppyAssociation Standards (WGA).  Any issues arising before, during and afterjudging deferred  to WGA standards when possible, and when not wereaddressed by local rules or Judging Team discretion.  For those withfurther interest in WGA standards here is a link to them:  (last checked 4.4.2016).



Prior to the start of the show all entries were sorted,logged and entered on show forms the night before.  The total number ofentries for the show would slightly exceed 350 pairs, or 700+ fish.  Atthis time by consensus of the Judging Team it was decided to prejudge allentries before actual benching of entries the next day.  This occurred onthe morning of Friday, and would reduce the average number of entries in eachclass from 20 to 10 or more.  Later in the day each judge wouldindividually prejudge remaining fish in each class, selecting their preferredtop three fish.  From the total votes for each class a total of four fishwould be selected for final judging.




Final judging occurred during the afternoon, with eachjudge pointing in full, according to WGA standards, the top 4 fish in each ofthe 18 classes.  Each judge individually scored a total of 72 fish. Only a couple of minor issues arose during judging and each was in the endresolved by consensus of the Judging Team.  Awards were given for 1st,2nd, 3rd place in each class.




Points were tabulated that night for both class placementand Best of Show (BOS).  High and low scores for each fish were excluded,and remaining scores were added together and divided by the number of remainingjudges for an average score.  Best of Show was determined by the highestscoring pair from each of the class winners.  The point totals indicatinga Crowntail male bred by Luo Yongxiong (China) as winner of BOS. Discussions were held by the Judging Team after concerns were expressed about aCrowntail being named BOS over delta entries. 


According to best information this had not occurred inany prior shows.  A final decision was withheld until the nextmorning. 



The next morning the Judging Team held further discussionthe the matter of BOS placement.  Consideration was given toward furtherjudging all Class Champions against each other, along IFGA judging style. In the end, by consensus, it was agreed to allow BOS standings to remain asindicated.  It being felt that each class winner had been judged to itsown standard.  That to judge each class winner against another would onlyallow for individual breeder preferences to potentially bias the endresult.  A sound decision on the part of all Judging Team members.



I’d like to point out that this pair is now swimming inthe tanks of Carl Groenewegen (USA).  Along with several other pairsgifted to him by breeder Luo Yongxiong after the show.



In final, I will take the liberty on behalf of IFGAmembers Frank Chang, Carl Groenewegen and myself, I would like to express mysincere thanks to our GIAS sponsors and host members of the China GuppyClub.  It was a genuine pleasure to represent not only the IFGA, butAmerican breeders in general at this event.  Finally, to my friend WindWang, who approached me at the WGC in Tampa, Florida last year with aninvitation to both attend and judge at this international event.




The hospitalityand sincere nature of the Chinese people during our travels were in themselveswell worthy of a trip to the other side of the world