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Exhibitor Express--Tropical Fish International

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In 2014, the demand for ornamental fish has gone up in China. It's almost 10% higher than last year's. According to the statistics, the number of Chinese new ornamental fish dealers has increased about 400. Companie

Here we are pleased to announce that Tropical Fish International will take part in the upcoming 2nd  Guangzhou International Aquarium Show (GIAS2016) as our honored exhibitor from March 18th20th, 2016.


Tropical Fish International (TFI), is part of the overall group of CIS International Holdings Corp, U.S.A who started off as a distributor of Aquatics across the USA, Canada & Mexico. it is not only ornamental fish that carries its pride amongst the business world but also live rock, yard rock and water plants. In a word, CIS is a globally growing business providing the most exotic pet experiences to our customers.


As the industry evolved and increase in freight costs, to ensure customers received a product of consistent quality and price, it decided to vertically integrate into breeding fish and controlling supply. The overall group owns and controls seven different farms which are tracked by a team of biologists, plus additional team members to monitor, keep close track of QA trends coming out of the farms.


TFI (Sri Lanka) and STF (Thailand) both offer a full spectrum of live aquaria –

• Freshwater

• Saltwater - Sri Lanka & Maldives (100% hand caught)

• Plants

• Corals species

• Aqua Cultured Live Rock

This will be the first time for Tropical Fish International to attend GIAS to promote their live aquarium products to wholesalers and distributors in China and to find suppliers of live fish and aquarium products.  If you attend Guangzhou International Aquarium Show (GIAS2016), please do not forget to stop by the booth, H019, to know more about their company and products in 0 distance.

For more information about exhibitors of GIAS2016, please visit contact us directly by the following information.

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