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1.Dealers, agents, wholesales, distributors, importers, exporters, etc;

2.Related clubs, enthusiasts, designers, magazines, websites, etc;

3.Aquariums, sea worlds, gardens, zoos, outdoor leisure places, etc;

4.Real estate developers, landscape design/ home decoration companies, etc;

5.Aquarium associations and experts;

6.The Organizing Committee will contact organizations in following countries and regions to invite overseas buyers, such as Germany, France, Mexico, Britain, Italy, Russia, Malaysia, and so forth.

7.A total number of about 100,000 invitations, tickets and other materials will be sent out, including over 300 aquarium markets and 20,000 aquarium shops.

8.The show will be publicized by attending exhibitions in related fields and making good use of press conference, phone call, fax, and other channels. 

*Note: Our staff members are also available to inviting specific clients at your request.